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Rest in peace, Oscar de la Renta.

Ironically, I’m never a Housewife when I’m a housewife! Bethenny Frankel, on her return to RHONY.

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HBO finally released the trailer for the second season of The Comeback!

"Well, no, it’s not TV, it’s…they don’t do that anymore, do they?"

Four days, five boxes of Kleenex, and too much chicken soup later, I no longer think this is “just a cold.” It’s more like an ancient curse, forged in the bowels of hell and meant to either do me in or drive me insane.

Once again, Julia Sugarbaker perfectly articulates what I'm thinking and feeling.

  • Charlene: Julia, you ought to take something for that cold.
  • Julia: I've taken everything, Charlene. The only thing left is to have my nose amputated.
Ashley and Mary Kate for Vogue Germany, November 2014.

Ashley and Mary Kate for Vogue Germany, November 2014.

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Ryan Murphy on Frances Conroy’s character on AHS: Freak Show:
"What we establish in a couple episodes is they don’t make Glorias anymore. That is a person who is from an incredible amount of money and was probably wildly protected and an absent mother and is really sort of overcompensating. In the next couple of episodes, we will establish there is a family secret going on that perhaps will explain why she is so indulgent. She’s based on that sort of Doris Duke/Gloria Guinness/Babe Paley gal that I’ve always been interested in. She’s that."

Once again, Ryan has given her the campiest, gay icon-iest (did I just make up a word?) character influences and I love it…though I don’t think Babe ever would have invited a clown that is obviously wearing a human scalp on his head into her home…


The icon Frances Conroy


The icon Frances Conroy

Let’s not forget, The Simpsons did it all first.

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